entry#4 - quarantine has fucked my brain

i'm trying to convince myself i'm not the only one suffering from this, from feeling like my brain is stuck, slow, exhausted, uninterested... my friends complain about it too, how things are not the same, but i feel so stupid, like there's something missing since quarantine started. like i haven't been functioning and being productive like i used to.
my ocd has gotten worse too and doing basic stuff takes me ages because nothing feels right until i repeat and repeat until it finally does. i'm trying to not give in to these urges, i know it only gets worse when you keep satisfying your thoughts. it's slowly working, but i feel like.. my brain will never be the same and i'm scared i'm brain dead forever.


living in ignorance must be fucking great. truly wish i could.


////ela falou comigo no prédio
///sobre coisas que a vida te espera
//se ela olha pra mim eu quero (siris)


lyrics from staryxshi's song.


and if you wouldnt mind i would like to lose.