hey, you can call me michi and i'm 19! i'm also queer. i'm currently a computer science student.
i have adhd and ocd and i talk about that sometimes.
i draw often, i'm currently trying to reconnect with my interests and maybe what makes me 'me'.
my art is always associated with various songs too.
it's good to have a place to scream at the void, i overthink too much. maybe because i'm an INTJ, which would make sense.
the art used on my website is mostly mine!
i can't spend too much time writing about myself or else i'm gonna start dissociating lol

anime i really like: higurashi, s.e. lain, kaichou wa maid-sama!, clannad, naruto, katekyo hitman reborn, jigoku shoujo, [ill write down the rest later].

fav games: zero escape, divi dead, vtm: bloodlines, higurashi, va-11 hall-a, corpse party, nier: automata, hades, danganronpa, your turn to die, charon's games, hello charlotte, white day (clunky, old af but i love it).

fav artists/bands: lil peep, lil tracy, fish narc, green day, nirvana, konai, fats'e.

how strange
so far from his path that i barely see the promise of glory
can this be him,
this hellboy?

listening to...